You Can Now Sideload Games From Inside Your Headset Using SideQuest

Thanks to the SideQuest’s new Easy Installer Beta, users can now sideload apps, custom environments, and more, that aren’t on the official Quest 2 store easier than ever before.

If you’re unsure what SideQuest or Applab is, have a look at our article ‘App Lab: Let’s Get Started and Play Some Exciting Preview Builds of Upcoming Games!‘. In this article we detail what these platforms are, and how they differ.

When the Quest 1 first hit the market, it didn’t take long before SideQuest became a thing. People all over needed a way to sideload content onto their headsets, and SideQuest came to the rescue. For the longest time, users have been able to plug their headsets into a computer and install games and media that weren’t available on the Quest store. Easy Installer Beta, lets you do just that, but without taking off your headset.

You’ll also be able to access all sorts of additional headset settings like refresh rate, full rate capture, increase your texture resolution size, and much more.

You will still need a computer to install Easy Installer Beta onto your headset, and for those slightly intimidated by this, fear not. SideQuest has made it much easier and includes a step-by-step guide, offering troubleshooting support, to make installation a breeze.

To get started, follow along with this awesome video that SideQuest dropped, and you’ll have access to all the content SideQuest has to offer in no time! You can also download the new app here.

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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