Will the Pimax Crystal Be the Best VR Headset On the Market?

The Pimax Crystal QLED is an upcoming headset that promises to do it all. Similar to the upcoming Pimax 12K QLED headset, the Crystal isn’t targeted toward the average joe. It’s an enthusiast’s headset, priced at 1899$.

The Pimax Crystal refuses to pull punches. Promising an impressive 42 PPD (Pixels Per Degree), interchangeable nano-coated optical glass aspheric lenses, a horizontal resolution of 5760 pixels, 2880 pixels vertical, and a refresh rate as high as 160Hz.

Similarly to the upcoming 12k QLED, the headset will also be sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 for a tetherless stand-alone mode, eye tracking, 4 cameras for 6DOF tracking (similar to Quest 2), hot-swappable faceplates for lighthouse support or mixed reality, a WiGig module for wireless PCVR, a 6000mAh battery and so much more. Pimax has also announced that they are working on a stereo color passthrough faceplate, though no information has been provided on details or pricing.

Even in the 1900$ range, it’s still impressive that Pimax is able to cram so much into the headset at this price. Though it may not be the headset that gets adopted by the masses, some VR enthusiasts have been waiting for a headset that does it all, and could potentially replace the Quest 2.

Pimax is continuing with their discounts for current Pimax owners — awkwardly named Pimaxians — offering 100$ off on the headset if you provide proof of purchasing one of their other products. You can get an additional 100% off the Lighthouse sleeve, for a total of 200$ saved.

You can watch the entire Launch Event by clicking here.

It’s almost too good to be true. While this might be the best VR headset on the market someday, consumers should be skeptical for now. Pimax has had a questionable past. Though their flagship headset, the 8KX, was eventually delivered to Kickstarter backers, it took years to deliver on their promises.

Provided they are able to deliver, the Pimax Crystal might be the best VR headset available on the market, provided you’re willing to drop that kind of cash.

Pimax is stating that the Crystal will be available as early as Q3 of 2022.

Here’s what you’ll get in the box:

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