VR Mech Game Iron Rebellion Update Adds Never Before Seen Healing Mechanic and More

Iron Rebellion — the Early Access VR mech combat game by Black Beach Studio — has released its latest update, V9240. This update adds the long-awaited ‘Repair Module’ which will add a totally original healing feature, never before seen in a competitive mech game.

Instead of walking your mech over healing pads placed around the map to recover a set amount of health, you’ll now start the match with one healing drone canister, with the ability to pick up two more throughout the map. To use the drone canisters, you’ll need to interface with the repair module inside your cockpit. By selecting the sector(s) of your mech that requires healing, you’ll be able to engage Safemode, which will partially shut down your mech while drones are sent out to repair your damaged mech.

Mechanics like these are what make Iron Rebellion stand out from the typical mech VR game. Interacting inside the cockpit of your mech feels good, thanks to the thoughtful mechanics built from the ground up for VR.

Progress Log 0.9240

Along with quality of life improvements, they’re also adding a whole new game mode called ‘Conquest’, where both teams complete to capture points, depleting the other team’s resources in order to claim a victory.

We’ve been following Iron Rebellion’s development since November 2021, when it first became available on Applab. The game has enormous potential to be a great PVP mech sensation. The controls feel sweet, the mechs are slick and the maps are shaping up well. Most of all it feels intuitive and true to the genre. They really nailed the feeling of being inside of a giant, mechanized weapon with legs.

The devs are also incredibly active and are listening to the community feedback, which is great to see.

If you’re interested in joining the Early Access, Iron Rebellion is currently available on App Lab and Steam for $14.99.

The full release is currently forecasted for the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023.

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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