Meta Quest 2 Update V41 Features the Exciting Ability to Invite Your Friends to Your Home Screen

Meta says Horizon Home, included in the v41 Meta Quest 2 update, is rolling out “soon”. This new feature allows Quest players to more easily jump into a game together or watch videos with physically distanced friends or family.

For those of you eager to try this out, it comes with a disclaimer: As usual, system updates for Quest headsets are rolled out slowly and take place over a couple of weeks to ensure that the company can respond to issues and that new features work as intended. Some users have reported on Reddit that they have received the update via the PTC update channel.

In a video posted to Zuckerberg’s Facebook Timeline today, the Meta CEO showed off a few of the features of the upcoming v41 update as he chatted with world-renowned free climber Alex Honnold, and watched a 360 video of Honnold breaking down a death-defying rock climbing session the climber had in the Dolomites.

Meta Quest 2 Update

This company’s direction seems to be in line with the efforts made by Meta to facilitate the social aspects associated with Metaverse. Thinking back to the Meta Store I’m sure we’ll see more ways for Quest users to engage with their peers across large distances and collaborate on projects.

“More options to customize your home space” are in development.

– Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO

Meta Quest 2 Update Video Below:

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