The Ultimate VR Workout Routine (Week 7)

Woah, only two weeks left of the Ultimate VR Workout Routine. We’ve come a long way! The finish line is right around the corner, so don’t let up!

It’s only fitting that we kick it up another notch. This week will be sure to make your legs sorer than any week previous! That’s right folks, we’re going to be playing a heck of a lot of Pistol Whip.

** In honor of the latest Pistol Whip Update ‘Contracts’, we’re issuing a special challenge for those following along with us! For the next 7 Days (Which aligns well with our week 7) we’re going to try and climb the leaderboards in the Monthly Ultimatum Contract PARA BULLUM. In this contract, you’re equipped with Dual Burstfire pistols, as you navigate through 5 stages.**

Week 7 is going to be a tough one. We’re only going to take Sunday off as an Active Rest Day and power through the week with confidence. Stay strong Champions, we’re almost at there!

Let us know what rank you’re able to achieve during the Contract! Good luck!

Week 7

  • Monday – Pistol Whip (45min) + Beatsaber (20min)
  • Tuesday – Pistol Whip (45min) + Beatsaber (20min)
  • Wednesday – Thrill of the Fight (45min) + Synth Riders (20min)
  • Thursday- Pistol Whip (45min) + Beatsaber (20min)
  • Friday – Pistol Whip (45min) + Beatsaber (20min)
  • Saturday – Until you Fall (60min)
  • Sunday – Active Rest (Play whatever you want)

Reminder: You should consult your doctor or health care provider should you have any concerns.

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Colin Laurencelle
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