The Ultimate VR Workout Routine (Week 6)

We hope everyone had a good time with Week 5 of the Ultimate VR Workout Routine! Adding the extra time with Synth Riders and Beatsaber is a great way to get a little extra each day.

Wow, week 6 already. Only a few more weeks are left before we get to the end of the Ultimate VR workout routine! The team at VRChamps has been having a blast challenging each other as we progress through the routine. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our stamina grow.

This week, we’ll be having another RPG-themed week. That’s right, we’ll be focusing on Until You Fall again this week!

We would like to take a second to thank Schell Games for featuring us in the Until You Fall News! The team at VRChamps is incredibly humbled to be recognized by a studio that has created some of our favorite games. Until You Fall continues to be one of my all-time favorites, it’s a true gem.

Week 5 was the last time we would be taking our Active Rest Days together on the weekend. Get ready Champions, we’re ramping up! The last 3 weeks are going to be a sprint, not a marathon. We’ll be introducing another challenge next week. Let’s go!

Week 6

  • Monday – Until you Fall (45min) + Synth Riders (20min)
  • Tuesday – Pistol Whip (45min) + Beatsaber (20min)
  • Wednesday – Active Rest (Play whatever you want)
  • Thursday- Until you Fall (45min) + Beatsaber (20min)
  • Friday – Thrill of the Fight (45min) + Synth Riders (20min)
  • Saturday – Until you Fall (60min)
  • Sunday – Active Rest (Play whatever you want)

If you’ve only grabbed one of our additional games, it’s completely fine to substitute one for the other.

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Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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