The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine (Week 3)

Welcome back Champions! How did Week 2 go? How far did you get in Until You Fall? We had loads of fun slashing through our enemies last week. But this week, let’s kick it up a notch!

We’ve super excited to announce our first Challenge!

If you’re doing The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine on the Quest 2, you can join the challenge through the Scoreboards App. If not, completing the Challenge is still part of Week 3, so don’t try and get away with skipping out on it!

Click here to redirect you to the Quest 2 Scoreboard Challenge.

For Week 3 we’re going to play a little more Pistol Whip to really get your heart rate going, so it’s only fitting that our first Challenge be completing a Pistol Whip song on Hard. We selected one of our favorite levels/songs — AKUMA by HVDES. We’re also going to split up the rest days this week. Just in case you thought it was getting too easy.

Week 3

  • Monday: Pistol Whip
  • Tuesday: Thrill of the Fight
  • Wednesday: Active Rest (Play whatever you want)
  • Thursday: Pistol Whip
  • Friday: Until You Fall
  • Saturday: Pistol Whip
  • Sunday: Active Rest (Play whatever you want)

Week 3 of The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine will not only get your blood pumping, but your legs might feel a little rubbery after it’s all said and done. Be safe and have fun. See you next week.

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
VR Enthusiast, writer, and lover of gaming culture. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my fiance, dog, and cat. Not necessarily in that order.

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