The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine (Week 1)

Welcome Champions.

The team at VRChamps is super excited to announce that for the next 8 weeks we’ll be rolling out The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine on a weekly basis.

We’ve tried all sorts of VR fitness apps and games and have carefully selected our games with the explicit intent to keep the cost of entry as low as possible, while still having a jolly good time. If you have a Quest 2 or PCVR, you probably own some of these already!

We’ll be sticking to 3 core games for now and changing up the frequency of what we play and when. The games we’ve picked are Thrill of the Fight, Pistol Whip, and Until You Fall. More info on these can be seen below.

We’ll also be following along with the rest of you out there that join us, and we appreciate any feedback you guys have! You can send your feedback to support(@)

We plan on expanding The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine in the future to include more games and experiences and even offer some alternatives to what we recommend as VRChamps grows.

The whole point of The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine is to have fun. We aren’t going to be policing what difficulty or length of time you should play. Don’t push yourself past your limits — just try to enjoy the ride.

Before you start, if you’re using the Quest 2, you should make sure to set up Oculus Move Goals to keep track of your workouts and share your results!

Lastly, we are not health experts. You should consult your doctor or health care provider should you have any concerns.

Without further ado, here is WEEK 1!

Week 1

Remember that this is the very beginning, so we advise that you play at your own leisure, and we recommend to not overdo it. We suggest 30min sessions but listen to your body.

  • Monday – Thrill of the Fight
  • Tuesday – Until you Fall
  • Wednesday – Thrill of the Fight
  • Thursday- Pistol Whip
  • Friday – Thrill of the Fight
  • Saturday – Active Rest (Play whatever you want)
  • Sunday – Active Rest (Play whatever you want)

More on the games we’ve picked…

Thrill of the Fight – $9.99

Our favorite boxing game is of course Thrill of the Fight. This game will is a wicked arm workout that will have you gassed out in no time. You’ll be able to up the difficulty as you get better — and remember to KEEP THOSE HANDS UP!

Pistol Whip – $29.99

If you haven’t already given Pistol Whip a try, you’re missing out. This game is so much fun and a really great legs workout. You’ll burn through some calories with this one for sure.

Until You fall – $24.99

This VR Roguelike has an awesome art style and will force you to swing your arms as you proceed through randomly generated levels. There are bosses at the end of every stage. As you develop your skills, you’ll get further and further!

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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