Pistol Whip Contracts Update Adds Weekly Challenges and More

On June 16th, Pistol Whip will be releasing a free update titled ‘Contracts’, adding a whole new way to play the famous groovy rhythm shooter. Contracts will bring a whole set of new and exciting challenges for the player, with missions that will rotate weekly, and on a monthly basis. Each contract will include unique combinations of enemies, scenes, styles, and weapons.

Along with rotating missions, Contracts will also be adding two new modifiers. The first will increase all enemy bullet speeds, which is meant to add a whole new definition to the term ‘Bullet Hell’. The second will slow down enemy bullet speed, in true Slow-Mo fashion. Both modifiers will present different challenges for the player and will put your Pistol Whip skills to the test. Players will also have the option to equip reinforced player armor but will reward you for opting out and taking on additional risk.

“I could not be more proud of our team and all the work they’ve put into the upcoming mode and features… Contracts is the first big update to Pistol Whip since I’ve been a producer for the game, and thanks to all the internal playtesting, my legs have never been so sore. My tip for launch day? Have a towel nearby!”

Ryan Serbet, Producer at Cloudhead Games

Pistol Whip will also be adding a ranking system for their contracts. When the contract is over, you’ll be presented with a rank in the form of an emblem. They also hint at a rare “coin of some kind” for those that climb their way to the top of the leaderboards.

The team at VRChamps is very excited about the Contracts Update! Pistol Whip is one of the featured games in The Ultimate VR Workout Routine. Who knows, maybe we’ll even include some of the new modifiers as part of a weekly challenge. (hint hint)

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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