GOLF+ Kiawah Island DLC Review: Experience the exciting new course Ocean Course on the Quest 2

New GOLF+ DLC: The Ocean Course

A new course has been launched for GOLF+ on Quest 2, and thanks to the partnership that Golf Scope has made with the PGA, it’s based on a real-world PGA course that’s regarded as one of the best in the world. The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, given its name, is a stunning course that offers players an expansive view of the course surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean while also giving players the added challenge of playing with the challenging, sometimes erratic wind conditions that come from playing against an onshore breeze.

To give a bit more context as to why this course is extra exciting: The Ocean Course, located in South Carolina on the island’s easternmost tip, has the most seaside holes in the Northern Hemisphere, 10 of which are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the other eight running parallel to those. Golf Digest ranked the Ocean Course as the #4 Public Golf Course in the United States and the 24th best golf course in the United States. Pictures of the real-life course below:

What’s the Course Like?

If you’re a newcomer to golf or GOLF+, you might not realize how much wind conditions will affect your game and will provide some interesting challenges for those unaccustomed to those conditions. Personally, playing this course made me feel as if I was an army private and the game my drill sergeant – chanting “LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT” as I march down the course for the full 18 holes. Despite this, I’m surprised to have landed somewhere near par on most holes and I’m sure that with some practice my game will only improve. At first, it was difficult to tell if my strokes were simply poor or if the wind was increasing the variables that affect slicing the call to the left and right, maybe a combination of the two.

Multiplayer is a Huge Value Booster

A feature that the game has that most are unaware of is that if a host has purchased any DLC addons for GOLF+, the host of a multiplayer game can invite friends to their game on that DLC course without needing everyone else to have paid. The value for money ratio shoots up dramatically when you realize that one can grab a group of friends who own the game and all play these new DLC courses without incurring additional purchases.

Store Details & Pricing

The course, which was released earlier this week, is now available to Quest 2 players on GOLF+, allowing them to experience the iconic course in VR for the first time, and can be purchased through the Meta/Quest store for USD $7.99/ CAD $8.99, matching the pricing seen on their other paid DLC addon “Wolf Creek“.

Final Thoughts?

The Ocean Course is a worthy addition to a great game. Although if playing Singleplayer, these GOLF+ DLC courses can seem very quick to get through for the price, the ability to effectively share the DLC so to speak through multiplayer with friends is a great feature and will continue to have me purchasing new courses to play with friends in the future. If you haven’t yet, check out our full game review of GOLF+ to see if this is the game for you!

What Do the Individual Holes Look Like?

I have included the official Ocean Course maps below for your convenience. I hope this gives you a good sense of the features available within this new GOLF+ DLC course.

About Golf Scope 

Ryan Engle and Robert Holzhauer were randomly paired up on Jimmy Clay Golf Course in the spring of 2018. Ryan had developed a prototype of Golf Scope, an AR app designed to read the break of a golf green, and was testing it on each hole and Rob found it fascinating. After more interaction, Rob decided to join full-time as a cofounder of Golf Scope

After a few years, the AR prototype had evolved into a VR game released in May of 2020 that centered around a putting-focused experience. In November 2020 the team added a virtual Topgolf experience with up to 8 people hanging out in bays and playing Topgolf games. That fueled the desire to get a complete golf experience built and in November of 2021, the team launched GOLF+ and partnered with the PGA of America.

For more information, you can check out their website above or check out their Twitter @GolfPlusVR

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