Metas Project Cambria Schematics Leaked

SadlyItsBradley Has Leaked Internal Cambria Details

Thanks to YouTuber SadlyItsBradley (Brad Lynch), you can read the largest data leak for Project Cambria to date on his Patreon here. He appears to have shared internal schematics for Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria headset that give us an inside look into what might be available upon its full release. If we’re following the model codes used by the Quest 2 leading up to its release, it’s safe to assume that this could be the final model that is released to consumers as they both share the same DVT model affixation.

What is Project Cambria?

Project Cambria, also known as the Meta Cambria, is a mixed-reality headset in development by Meta and the Facebook team mostly targetting the commercial and industrial space. It’s speculated that this headset will help bridge the gap to get workers using mixed reality to learn new skills for their careers, or by using it to collaborate across large distances as if they were in person. We touched on the first look covered by Mark Zuckerberg himself here.

Key Highlights

Although we believe this to be the final model, we acknowledge that anything can happen and things might still change between now and the time this device is released, albeit unlikely. It’s always fun to see if we can do some detective work and speculate as to what this device is made of.

  • There is a long-term plan to rebuild the Home environment to target higher resolutions and framerates.
  • The battery mounted on the back, combined with the switch to pancake lenses allows the components on the front to come closer to your face as well. This allows the overall center of gravity to be much more aligned than previous HMDs. This device will be extremely comfortable due to these choices.
  • They are actively working on Avalanche Cloud, which appears to be a cloud gaming service.
  • The team is alleging that features to support NFTs will be included.

Predicted Hardware Specifications

  • (2) 2160×2160 MiniLED Backlit LCD Panels
  • (2) Custom Pancake Lenses
  • 16MP Color Camera for Color Passthrough
  • Eye + Face Tracking (IR Camera-based)
  • Processor: XR2+ Gen 1 SoC
  • Memory: 12GB LPDDR5 RAM
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • WiFi 6E Support (To better support Cloud Gaming)
  • 5000 mAh battery

Schematics Attachments

The leaked schematics appear to feature a Ratcheting Strap that is quite similar to the Meta Quest 2 Deluxe Battery Strap, a new placement location for the 3.5mm headset connection, as well as a clip for tethering a USB-c cable. With the heavy emphasis on WIFI6 and Air Link compatibility, I’m a bit surprised to have this feature, but I’m sure they are simply covering their bases for those who can not upgrade their networks.

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