Mayhem on a Rainbow Looks Nuts, And I Kinda Like It

I recently stumbled upon Mayhem on a Rainbow while browsing Reddit and casually looking at upcoming games. At first, I saw bits and pieces that just seemed like a random assortment of minigames, and although I loved the fantastical colorful art style, the game didn’t seem to have much substance. That is… until I watched the new trailer IV.II that was released today. Now, I’m even more confused, but I also kind of like it. Even the Steam description is bonkers.

Havoc in a wacky apocalypse. Dual-wield gunblades while riding a unicorn, stop to pet your dragon then ride off on your spaceboat. Investigate the fall of the once-flourishing metaverse in a satisfying mayhem on a rainbow made of ragdolls where zombies fly in slow motion and chickens lay airstrikes!

Mayhem on a Rainbow Steam Description

The trailer tells the story of Haven, a metaverse that was overrun by a virus. As the only willing agent in the Virtual Enforcement Agency, it’s now your job to explore what’s left of it and find out what caused the NPC of Haven to turn into zombies. The premise is clever enough, and it certainly doesn’t take itself seriously, which is part of its charm. The cast of characters joining you on the journey is equally ridiculous. It includes SA2RA, the refurbished pleasure bot, and the notorious members of the Pink Pawnee Syndicate.

The trailer showcases parts of the game that range from one extreme to the next. From flying a “space boat” across space to riding a unicorn while shooting zombies and so much more. There’s even a clever mini-game called Break Saber — clearly taking a jab at Beatsaber — where you slash zombies flying at you while dual-wielding swords.

Mayhem on a Rainbow is developer Lumi Finley‘s first game and while it’s too early to tell how it’ll turn out, you’ve got to give them some credit. It’s a bold and ambitious project to take on as your first game, let alone in VR.

While I’m still not entirely sure what to make of Mayhem on a Rainbow, it’s got my attention. It oozes creativity and might just be “wacky” enough. It certainly warrants giving the demo a try, and once we get a chance to play it, we’ll report back with our initial impressions.

The demo is available on the steam page.

You can also follow Lumi on Twitter for more.

Mayhem on a Rainbow is set to release sometime in 2022 on Steam.

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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