Look Out Meta, Pico Is Coming To America

If you’re in the market for an affordable standalone VR headset. The Meta Quest 2 is really the only option out there at the moment. That’s all about to change.

Over the last month, Pico has been rolling out the Pico Neo 3 Link in Europe for €450. Bytedance — the parent company of Tiktok that acquired Pico last year — is now preparing to expand to the US, with plans of competing directly with Meta and the Quest 2.

According to Protocol Entertainment’s article, Bytedance is working on a West Coast team that will handle the expansion into the American market. There are currently 40+ jobs listed on ByteDance’s career portal including a head of Pico Studios, a head of VR Game Strategy – Pico Studios, a head of Overseas Content Ecosystem – Pico Studios, and an operations manager for this organization.

Protocol’s source also allegedly stated that Bytedance is prepared to shell out “tons of money” to VR developers to build content of its own. The Pico library already includes over 100 titles, with some of the most well-known games being part of that list. Games such as After the Fall, Synth Riders, Red Matter, Arizona Sunshine, Contractors, and more are available today on the Pico platform.

The Pico Neo 3 Link is almost identical to the Quest 2. It uses the same Qualcomm XR2 processor, and inside-out tracking via 4 cameras. It offers wireless streaming PCVR or through DP 1.4 that secures to the headset. It even includes the battery head strap and link cable at no extra cost.

Are you excited for more competition in the stand-alone VR market? Would you consider moving to the Pico platform if it meant not having to deal with Meta? Let us know!

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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