How to Fix Quest 2 Controller Drift.

Is your Quest 2 controller drifting? There’s nothing more annoying than the thumbstick on your controller getting finicky, or worse… moving you around without your consent. Lucky for you there are some things you can try before you throw your Quest 2 controller — or any other VR controller for that matter — off your balcony and into the streets below.

Here’s our guide to getting that thumbstick back in action. This method has worked for me and has breathed new life into my controllers, but most importantly, saved me a costly replacement.

Avoid the “toothpick” method.

During my frantic search to try and fix my controller — which seemed to be possessed by a ghost that really enjoyed moving me right when I needed to stay still — I came across numerous Reddit posts claiming to use a toothpick to remove dirt and debris by sliding it under the thumbstick while pushing the thumbstick itself in the opposite direction. Although this might totally make sense in theory — Insert a toothpick, remove gunk causing your controller to drift, and live happily ever after. — I also found, that it’s really a great way to just end up sad that you have a piece of a toothpick stuck in your controller.

Now, toothpick strength might vary from town to town. However, it’s just not worth the risk in my humble opinion. Am I biased because I had to fight to get a piece of toothpick out of my controller? Sure. But while this method might work in theory, and even seems to have garnished some success, I don’t recommend it. Honestly, it didn’t work for me anyway.

Compressed Air.

Everyone has one of these cans somewhere. If you don’t, you should probably invest in a can or three for your electronics. If the debris in your controller is light enough, blowing it out with a can of compressed air just might do the trick.

The best way to try and get rid of any dust or dirt that might be stuck in your controller is to point the thumbstick upwards and spray air into the bottom of the thumbstick. Then continue to spray air while your move the thumbstick around.

Just be careful not to get too close or you risk spraying the cold liquid that squirts right out of those cans sometimes, which could potentially harm your controller. A few cans of compressed air will last you a good amount of time and is relatively inexpensive.

If you’re a person with lots of gadgets and tech, you should also consider investing in a Compressed Air Duster. You’ll never need to buy a can again. They work quite well and are battery operated. Simply charge it and use it whenever you need to dust off electronics or anything really. It’s worth the investment and saves a lot of time removing dust fast.

If you’re still experiencing controller drift on your Quest 2 controller after blowing the controller with compressed air. This next method should do the trick!

Electrical Contact Cleaner.

If all else fails — as it did for me — this stuff might just be the savior you’ve been looking for. Electrical Contact Cleaner does exactly what it says it does. It cleans electrical contacts! We used the WD-40 brand — PLEASE DON’T USE ACTUAL WD-40 — and it worked like charm to fix my drifting Quest 2 controller. It was super cheap too!

All we did was spray some of this stuff into the thumbstick and move the thumbstick around for a minute or two. We did also use our compressed air to blow into the thumbstick as well for good measure. All it took was a few squirts and we let the solution dry for 10 minutes. Just like magic, the controller drift was gone and it worked like new again.

Hopefully, your controller is now working like new again. If not, you can always try reaching out to the Meta Quest Help Center. If your Quest 2 is still covered under warranty, you might get a replacement sent your way, or at the very least an RMA.

Best of luck!

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
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