GOLF+ Review: Schedule an Unforgettable Tee-Time with Friends on the Meta Quest 2 and Rift

Three Beautifully Crafted 18 Hole Courses Included

Front 9? Back 9? Full 18? In GOLF+, you can have a blast playing golf on four beautifully reconstructed courses. Currently, there are three courses available with the base game, and an additional DLC addon for Wolf Creek, a beautiful desert course in Mesquite, Nevada.

  • Cliffs, what feels like the most traditional of the available golf courses provided.
  • A beautiful and aptly named Alpine mountain course
  • The other course is the PGA-owned Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

These courses provide gamers and golf aficionados with an immersive experience that takes them from the clubhouse to the range to the green as if they were physically present at the courses themselves. With their partnership with PGA, you can expect new courses based on famous PGA properties in the future.

In GOLF+, the tutorial starts you off in the Personal Clubhouse where you are presented with a small driving range and some small chip-and-putt islands you can practice on. The player is instructed on how to choose the appropriate clubs, and the various assist features to help you get from tee to green to hole. Unlike the Topgolf area, you can not invite friends into your clubhouse, which would have been a nice feature to hang out in as an alternative lobby without having to move to the Topgolf section of the game.

Now once you get on the actual courses in the game, for a game that touts itself for the serious golfer, realistic golf physics is what makes or breaks a golfing game in VR. I am pleased to say that it is very clear that the Golf Scope team put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making this the best feeling golf game on the market. It is quite clear that this game was made with the intention of helping to improve your real-life golf game and I look forward to taking this experience to a real course to see how I’ve improved over the hours of gameplay I’ve sunk into GOLF+.

TopGolf is where you play what I can only describe as mini-games in a chill-out place for your friends when you’re not heavily invested in playing a round of golf. You can play games such as Cornhole, Relax by the fireplace with a nice marshmallow, play Pitch Pong, a beer pong golf alternative, or play various versions of chip-and-see-who-gets-closer.

The Pro Putt game within GOLF+ gives players an opportunity to practice their putting on several mini-putt-style courses. Although for reasons I cannot explain, this game within a game feels fundamentally different than the main game courses. It does not share any of the same UI elements and feels as if this could have been a game made by a completely different team. If Putt Pro was their first attempt at making this game, it very much shows the improvements that the Golf Scope team has made throughout the years to make their main game. This isn’t to say that Putt Pro is bad, but nobody in my foursome felt as if the experience was translatable to the putting within the main game courses.

Better With Friends

Playing golf has always been a game to play with others, and this is where GOLF+ goes from great to a must-have. We had the opportunity to play a foursome with some of the team and deliberately chose some that were very much golfers, as well as some that have had some to no exposure. GOLF+ makes playing golf extremely engaging and fun for seasoned golfers and people who have had little to no experience playing golf and makes it insanely easy to pick up and play.

There are some features that are completely unrelated to golf that is just plain fun and make the GOLF+ experience so much better. Giant Mode, which can be accessed by pressing down on the analog stick, enables you to turn into a giant god-like floating person showering others in your party with your towering bliss. Depending on your group of friends, hilarity is likely to ensue as you still have a fully articulated VR avatar with full-motion movement to dance and distract others. If you’re more on the serious side and want to be more strict with your golf etiquette, you can sit on the wayside and wait for each other’s turns without any fun.

One of the best features is The Media Player. It is brilliantly implemented. This feature enables golfers to each play their own YouTube playlist from within the game, with video or without, and with a full set of controls, while your group plays their round of golf. This is a great feature that lets you feel as if you’re just chilling out with your friends and it’s always a happy moment to catch your friends unknowingly dancing in VR to their tunes through their Quest avatar.


Minor gripe alert: As a right-hand dominant left-handed golf player, it was unclear as to which controller hand selection I was meant to choose when setting up my player. This led me down a path of incorrectly choosing a right-handed golf club. Without understanding how to quickly switch or fix my mistake, I decided to do a game reset to go back through the tutorial to change it. Once our friends started joining our Quest Party in anticipation of our tee-time, I had described my issue to them prior to them starting and despite the party being mostly left-handed players, they didn’t quite understand and fell into the same trap that I did. The next day I found out that this can be changed in the settings after some digging but I hope they can come out of the gate by clarifying this in their tutorial as I believe most left-handed golf players might still want to hold the right controller instead of the left.

Review Rating: FANTASTIC 🎉 90/100

I have not had this much fun playing a golf video game since the 1995 classic Microsoft Golf 2.0. This is an absolutely beautiful, engaging, fun experience and I’ll be glad to revisit GOLF+ over and over to replay and hopefully try out new courses as they become available.

Store Details, Pricing, and User Reviews

GOLF+ is the first VR game released by Golf Scope after iterating on their AR prototype. The game is now available for purchase through the Meta Store for USD $29.99/CAD $34.99 only on the Meta Quest 2 and the Rift. So far the user reviews have been moderately positive with 80% of the User Scores being 5 Stars The game allows players to hit the links and play rounds of golf on some of the most prestigious courses from around the globe. If Golf or sports games aren’t of interest, maybe check out this week’s top sales on the Meta/Oculus store for something different but as mentioned above, this is a great game even for those completely uninterested in golf if you can secure some close friends to play with.

We want to make golf as accessible as possible and we believe VR is the way to do that. Whether you’ve been playing golf for the majority of your life, like Rob and me, or you’re just getting started, we want to make the experience as seamless and fun as possible, while staying true to the sport.

Ryan Engle, Co-founder/CEO
Robert Holzhauer, Co-founder/Operations

What’s Next for GOLF+?

The development doesn’t stop there as Golf Scope is continuing development and has recently released a brand new course based on the world-renowned Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. The Ocean Course is a staple of the PGA tour and is one of the very few courses to have hosted each of the PGA of America’s major championships. Both new addons are reasonably priced at $7.99 USD/8.99 CAD. We will be posting a follow-up article to review both of these addons in the near future.

Update!: If you’re interested in the latest update, check out our post on the latest Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.

Although unannounced, I can only speculate that the Golf Scope team is hard at work on using their PGA partnership to keep implementing more of these fantastic courses into their repertoire. I’ll personally be following and keeping an eye on their Twitter @GolfPlusVR for more updates.

Review Disclaimer

The above review was made possible by collaboration with the publisher and/or developer. We would like to thank them for providing us with the means to review their product. Although VRChamps has been provided this product for free for review, there is special care and attention put in for an honest review and tries its best to mitigate any biases within the review itself.

About Golf Scope 

Ryan Engle and Robert Holzhauer were randomly paired up on Jimmy Clay Golf Course in the spring of 2018. Ryan had developed a prototype of Golf Scope, an AR app designed to read the break of a golf green, and was testing it on each hole and Rob found it fascinating. After more interaction, Rob decided to join full-time as a cofounder of Golf Scope

After a few years, the AR prototype had evolved into a VR game released in May of 2020 that centered around a putting-focused experience. In November 2020 the team added a virtual Topgolf experience with up to 8 people hanging out in bays and playing Topgolf games. That fueled the desire to get a complete golf experience built and in November of 2021, the team launched GOLF+ and partnered with the PGA of America.

For more information, you can check out their website above or check out their Twitter @GolfPlusVR

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