First Look At Project Cambria Mixed Reality Headset

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently published on Facebook and Instagram a brief video demonstrating some of the new features of Meta’s next virtual and mixed reality headset. Codename Project Cambria displays the future headset’s capacity to do high-resolution full-color passthrough so that wearers can interact with virtual items layered onto their real-world environments while keeping the device itself hidden.

First look at mixed reality on our next headset codenamed Project Cambria. This demo was created using Presence Platform, which we built to help developers build mixed reality experiences that blend physical and virtual worlds. The demo, called “The World Beyond,” will be available on App Lab soon. It’s even better with full color passthrough and the other advanced technologies we’re adding to Project Cambria. More details soon.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO

Meta’s Presence Platform, the mixed reality engine that helps make this possible, was introduced last fall. Compared to the current generation Meta Quest 2, which can only currently display a passthrough in grayscale, the Project Cambria headset will have a higher resolution image and color display that will help drive their goal of bridging the gap between virtual and realism from within the headset.

Using the new Presence Platform, Zuckerberg can be seen exploring a beautiful virtual fantasy realm, interacting with a blue pet monster with which users can interact. Zuckerberg appears to play with and pet the creature before painting a virtual environment over his real-world office walls.

Later this year, Project Cambria will be released. The device intends to integrate remote work into virtual reality and is said to cost $799 and up. Meta is expected to release four new VR headset models, including Cambria. A new version of Meta’s low-cost Quest headset, which presently costs $299 USD, will be released in 2023. Cambria and Quest will then be updated with newer versions in 2024.

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