First Ever ‘Resolution Focus’ Talks New Blaston ‘RELOADED’ Update and VR Master League Partnership, Watch Here

Publisher Resolution Games kicked off their first ever ‘Resolution Focus’ with loads of new details on the new ‘Reloaded‘ update for their 1v1 PVP shooter game Blaston. Available on PCVR and the Quest platform.

It kicked off with an introduction by Resolution Games community managers Ciwiel and Defurby. Senior Artist at Fast Travel Games, Joacim Lunde, then goes on to talk about bringing the Cyber Bow from their first game Apex Construct to the line up of weapons in Blaston. Which is pretty darn cool. Apex Construct was one of the first VR action adventure games released on the Quest 1. A lot of us out there have fond memories of wielding this bow, and look forward to it’s addition to the Blaston arsenal. It will be available as a legendary skin today for the Luma, the all new two handed bow weapon. You’ll also be able to get the Cyberbow for free, for 1 week after the new update releases.

Next up, they showcased the Blaston Reloaded Release Trailer, showcasing all the upcoming features such as an all new Seasonal Mode called Street Brawl, new avatars and arenas, weapon attachments and more.

Attachments will let you customize your weapons to completely change the mechanics of the weapons themselves so you can create even crazier loadouts. 10 weapons will have 3 attachments each when ‘Reloaded’ drops. The rest will be coming in future updates.

‘Reloaded’ also adds some graphical enhancements as well as some community requested features such as a Ping Indicator, Wait For an Opponent checkbox (so you’re not forced to play a bot while you queue) and a new spin on the Quick Draw Mode.

Resolution Games then went on to announce their ‘Blaston Spectator’. Which will be a separate application that will be available for free on Steam May 5th so you can tune in to tournaments or streams hosted by Resolution Games.

Lastly, they announced their new partnership with VR Master League to bring the first Blaston esports league. You can sign up now. Season starts May 16th.

Here’s the entire presentation, if you’d like to watch the whole thing.

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Colin Laurencelle
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