Every Game Announced at the 2022 Meta Quest Showcase.

Take a look at all the new games and updates coming soon in 2022.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2

We loved the first Saints & Sinners. It was one of the best PCVR games that got a Quest 2 overhaul. Chapter 2 looks to add not only a compelling story, continuing where the first one left off, but adds a chainsaw… Because there isn’t a better way to kill walkers. Check out the trailer.

NFL Pro Era

Next we have something for the sports fans out there. NFL Pro Era seeks to fulfill your football dreams. Play a QB, in this licensed NFL game.

Among Us VR

Ah yes, the game that quickly took the world by storm is coming out in VR. Destroy your friendships beyond repair in Among Us VR coming out later this year!

Red Matter 2

Vertical Robot’s Red Matter was one of the best looking Quest games, and still is. We can’t wait to get our hands on the sequel this summer. Red Matter 2 adds loads of new mechanics, there’s even some combat thrown into the mix this time around. Looks like the team at Vertical Robot is planning on setting the bar for Quest 2 visuals yet again.

Espire 2

The sequel to the OG stealth game on the Quest platform is coming back with Espire 2. With a new co-op campaign mode that’s entirely separate from the main story line, this will surely be worth keeping an eye on.

Moss: Book 2

QUILL IS BACK BABY! The sequel makes its way onto the Quest 2 this summer. Join Quill on the next chapter of her adventure!


We’ve had our eye on RUINSMAGUS for a while now. This ambitious VR Action RPG game promises stellar visuals and an interesting story line. We’re big fans of the slick anime vibe that RUINSMAGUS is throwing down. See for yourself.

Cities: VR

We get another look at the upcoming city building gate Cities: VR.

Resident Evil 4 VR – Mercenaries mode (Update)

Finally the beloved Mercenaries mode is available today as a free update! With loads of extra VR goodies, if you haven’t picked up this essential VR title. What are you waiting for?

Beat Saber Electronic Mixtape (Update)

More Beat Saber? Yes please.


A physics driven action game, long awaited by the VR community is making its way to the Quest 2 and PCVR. A follow up to the hugely popular VR title Boneworks by Stress Level 0.

Ghostbusters VR

Probably the most exciting reveal and our most anticipated game. We can’t wait to return to the Ghostbusters universe and hunt some ghosts with up to 3 friends!

We’re pretty excited for some of these titles. Looks like there’s some great single player games coming in 2022 and we’re looking forward to some CO-OP action to play with friends.

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