Demeo’s Latest Campaign Curse Of the Serpent Lord, Available Now

The popular tabletop VR RPG Demeo — from developer Resolution Games — has released its fourth campaign, taking players deep into an all-new biome, the deserts of Roth. If you haven’t played Demeo yet, it’s a fantastic game, so much so that we recommend it as one of the first VR games you should buy.

With the Curse of the Serpent Lord update, players will be introduced to nine new enemies as they dive deeper into the village of Izteria, where the serpent god Iztir has turned everyone in town into reptilian monstrosities. There will also be a new corruption tile, new merchants, new potions, and a new boss to defeat.

The update also introduces a brand new hero to the game. Oana the Warlock is a powerful spell caster that can create portals for your team members and deploy magical barriers. She can also cast magic offensively and will be accompanied by her familiar, Cána the Astacat. For a full guide on how to play Oana, check out Demeo’s How to play the Warlock video.


Zedokar the Sorcerer is also getting a rework, which adds a new ability — rightfully named Overcharge — which envelops the sorcerer in electricity, stunning enemies who dare attack him. His Zap ability has also been reworked to a more terrifying Lightning Bolt. This is great news, as although Zedokar was my personal favorite, he seemed to lack the “oomph” he needed to be a worthwhile member of the party.

That’s not all for Demeo either! Resolution Games is already teasing the release of a fifth campaign coming later this year in 2022. They’ve already hinted at the fifth campaign taking part in a “proper town”, going on to hint at being able to stop by the tavern for a drink.

Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord is a free update available now for owners of the game.

Demeo is available for Quest 2 and PCVR for $29.99 USD / $34.99 CAD.

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