Classic Text-Based Adventure Game Colossal Cave Adventure Coming to Virtual Reality

The famous text-based game Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as Adventure or ADVENT) was initially released in 1976 by developer Will Crowther for the PDP-10 mainframe computer. The game narrated the story and players’ actions through text, as you explored caves rumored to be filled with treasure.

In the late 1970s, Colossal Cave Adventure grew in popularity. Numerous ports of the game have been made throughout the years and it’s often seen as the foundation for interactive adventure games. Games such as Zork (1977), Adventureland (1978), Mystery House (1980), Rogue (1980), and Adventure (1980) were all inspired by Colossal Cave Adventure.

The game is now being reimagined by none other than Roberta Williams, co-founder of Sierra Online and co-creator of Mystery House, and that port is coming to Quest 2 this fall.

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