Awesome Streetball VR Game ‘Blacktop Hoops’ Launches Crossplay, Trailer Here

If you haven’t heard of Blacktop Hoops — the 90’s inspired streetball VR game — I regret to inform you, that you’re definitely missing out. Their recent update adds crossplay, letting players duke it out 1 on 1 with an even bigger talent pool.

For a game only in Alpha, Blacktop Hoops is what VR should be about. Once you get a handle on the controls and you’re able to chain together flashy dribbles, shots, and dunks; everything starts to flow together.

Vinci Games has something special here, and it’s clear that Blacktop Hoops is a lover letter to streetball culture and to video games like NBA Street. The graphics are the perfect balance between stylized and realistic, and the various effects of the game remind me of the flashy style of the Into the Spiderverse movie. Not to mention lighting the net of fire after a sweet dunk feels pretty darn good.

Vinci games even brought on NBA Street legend Bobbito Garcia and WNBA All-Star Renee Montgomery as emcees. The narrator for the tutorial is none other than Dante Basco (known for his role as Zuko in Avatar the Last Airbender). King Handles and Jordan Kilganon contributed mocap animations. They’ve also brought over 30+ sneakers from independent streetball brands and designers into the game. How cool is that?!

The Blacktop Hoops demo is available on Steam and on Meta Quest 2 and you should definitely check it out while it’s still FREE. It’s incredibly awesome and loads of fun.

See you on the court!

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
VR Enthusiast, writer, and lover of gaming culture. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my fiance, dog, and cat. Not necessarily in that order.

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