5 Reasons Gaming in VR is Better Than on Console

Virtual Reality has come a long way in the last few years and while we still enjoy kicking it on the couch with a controller, a flat-screen just isn’t enough anymore. Once you get a taste of how great VR can be, it can be tough to go back.

We’ve been playing VR games for years and wanted to share the top 5 reasons we think VR gaming is better than console gaming and why it’s the future of gaming as we know it.

1) Immersion

There’s no doubt that you can sink hours and hours into a good console game. Let’s face it, most of our earliest gaming memories involve staying up way too late and grinding your way to the top of the leaderboards. However, being immersed in VR is on a different level. It’s easy to completely forget where you are when playing a good VR game.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been lost in a VR game only to bump into a wall or my desk. The moment you realize you’re in your room playing games in your underwear — it can get hot while playing VR — and not in zero gravity trying to fix a broken-down space station can be quite jolting, to say the least.

Consoles are great and all, but there is no substitute for being INSIDE the game.

2) Being Able to “Touch” the Game World

Look, pressing “R” to reload is fine and all… but removing a mag, grabbing a new one from your belt, and reloading a gun manually is something else entirely. When you’re playing VR, you interact with the game world more directly. Playing an FPS in VR feels may like it has more in common with an airsoft or paintball game, for example.

Your controllers act like your actual hands in virtual reality, and this is by far one of the best reasons that VR gaming is better than console gaming.

There are some truly awesome experiences out there that let you physically interact with the game world that do not compare to what console gaming has to offer.

Have a look at The Climb 2 — the best climbing simulator in VR — you can’t capture the feeling of actually climbing a skyscraper on console gaming, but you can in VR. — Fear of falling included.

3) Body Language

Hanging out with your friends in VR is way better than on console. Asking someone for directions and having them PHYSICALLY POINT you in the right direction trumps emotes every day of the week.

Until VR came along, we never really understood just how important body language is to connect with someone while gaming. In VR, you interact with people in a much more natural way. Avatars move their hands and head which adds a touch of magic to normal interactions.

I mean, is there anything better than fist-bumping your best friend after you finally cleared that level you’ve been trying to beat? Trick question! No, there isn’t.

I never really understood how important a simple wave was until I got together with friends to watch a movie in BigscreenVR or cheered as we claimed our first victory in Population One.

Body Language is a great reason why VR gaming is better than console gaming.

4) Memories

Okay, this one can be a bit weird and hard to explain if you haven’t ever experienced VR before. I’ll do my best. Being in virtual reality changes the way you remember those sweet gaming moments. Folks who play games in VR will know exactly what I mean.

If you have never played VR, as an experiment try and remember a memorable gaming moment in your life. What do you remember about it? Do you remember where you were sitting? Or perhaps, what time of day it was? Maybe even gripping the controller while at the edge of your seat? Do you remember what was happening on the screen?

Yeah, that’s all pretty normal.

In VR however, you remember things a bit differently. You remember them as if you were actually there, and it’s because you were!

When you defeat a boss in VR, it’s because you ducked, dodged his attack, drank a potion, and then sliced through him with your own two hands. When you look around in VR, your surroundings are whatever virtual world you are in. So your memories of that moment are more like how you would remember something in real life.

Honestly, it’s pretty darn cool when you first realize it, although it can be pretty trippy.

5) Exercise

Have you ever spent all day playing your favorite console game, only getting up to ingest something quickly so you can get right back at it? We have. Virtual Reality does something great with gaming… it gets you involved. When you’re blocking enemy attacks with your own hands and trying to stay alive by physically dodging bullets, you’re getting quite a bit of exercise.

We love this about VR, and it can be quite rewarding. You can get healthier from playing VR. Some studies even suggest that exercising in VR can help with anxiety and depression.

Lots of people turn to VR for fitness as well, including us. If you’re having a blast playing video games while getting exercise, time can fly! Before you know it you can’t move your arms fast enough to keep up with your favorite Beat Saber songs. — Speaking from experience here.

We love exercising in VR so much that we created The Ultimate VR Gaming Workout Routine. You can follow along as we release weekly challenges and much more!

There you have it! 5 reasons why VR gaming is better than console gaming. It just simply can’t compare!

Thanks for reading.

Colin Laurencelle
Colin Laurencelle
VR Enthusiast, writer, and lover of gaming culture. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my fiance, dog, and cat. Not necessarily in that order.

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